Sunday, August 17, 2014

After my big day at the beach, Mom and Dad decided to take me to visit my puppy cousins!

I love hanging out with Maddie and Molly. They're SOOO LUCKY!

They have a huge backyard to run around in and a very swanky pool to cool off in. Most of the time, Molly pushes me in the pool, which is ok, but I pretend that I don't like it and that I'm drowning...

Poor Molly really couldn't play with me though. Molly injured her ACL (whatever the hell that is and I hope I don't have one).

She was limping a lot. I cried whenever I saw her because I felt bad that she couldn't play.

Maddie liked eating my food. I was happy to share. It's not everyday that you get to eat salmon.

Unless you're me, then you get to eat salmon every day. Twice a day.

It wouldn't kill Dad to switch things up. Maybe a little steak. Some eggs. Maybe a piece of trout.

I'm not picky.


Dad decided to bother Mom and I. We were both resting peacefully when Dad canon-balled into the pool.

I got worried. But it turned out everything was ok. That sound Mom made was her laughing. Not choking on water and drowning.

The two sound eerily similar....

Here's video footage: