Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I love me.

I love memes

I love me memes. 

Therefore, I have created a top ten list of my favorite dog memes. 

One of mine is included because I am awesome.

I hope you enjoy my favorite collection of dog memes.

Did I mention that I love memes?

#10 "No Balls" - This one hurts...

#9 "Chef LaFur" - Sometimes I find myself in the kitchen not remembering what I went in for.

#8 "Paws for Concern" - I hate when Dad fake throws the ball.

#7 "Self Reflection" - I've caught my tail on numerous occasions. It's a wondrous feeling of accomplishment.

#6 "Mild Panic Attack" - I totally get this. It's a real fear. There's actually nothing funny about this meme....

#5 "Warren Puppette" - LET ME GIVE YOU MY MONIES! This lab sure knows a thing or two about the Treat Market.

#4 "Titanic Meme" This is my Dad's all time favorite dog meme. Coincidence that he made the meme? Probably not....

#3 " Stealth Mode" I do this alot. I hide in the grass when I see people walking towards me. They never see me...

#2 "Lawyer Dog" - Sound advice coming from a Corgi who looks like he knows his dog law....

#1 "Little Husky" This is my Mom's favorite meme. I thinks it's okay, but I really like the way it makes my Mom laugh really hard!

Honorable Mention goes to my puppy friend Siena, for her outstanding work in a fundraising campaign: