Monday, August 4, 2014

Last winter, while traveling home from Florida, I started nibbling at my back legs.

Nibbling turned into gnawing which turned into hair loss and bloody legs. 

I'm not proud of what I did.

Mom and Dad took me to the vet where it was determined that I might be allergic to the brand of food I was eating. I had grown up on the puppy version, but when I switched over to the adult version, things just didn't set right.

Dad, being the awesome internet researcher that he is, spent hours reading, looking for a new brand of food for his little Fuzzbucket.

Dad found Blue Buffalo Wilderness (Salmon flavored). The results were amazing! After a few weeks of the new food, my hair started to grow back! I stopped nibbling/gnawing on my legs. 

I was becoming pretty again! Goodbye unsightly legs!

It's amazing that the old brand of food would do that to little ole me! After Mom read the ingredients on the old stuff, she apologized and gave me lots of kisses.

I really like the Blue Buffalo Wilderness food!

Even if Dad complains that the kitchen smells like a fish market.

Here's footage of me going nuts for dinner -