Monday, September 28, 2015

Mom and Dad took me to a fundraising event to help raise money for puppies who need to be rescued and find a good home.

I can really get behind this paws because, as you all know, I was a rescue puppy once!

We did the Hounds on the Sound walk last year at Glenn Island in New Rochelle. This year, it was in Mamaroneck at Harbor Island Park.

I really liked this location. It had a beach (although I wasn't allowed on it) and it had a soccer field. I tried to get a ball, but Mom said it wasn't a good idea. 

Dad wanted to let me go streaking through the soccer game. Mom also thought that wasn't a good idea.

There were a lot of really nice people at this event. I met a lot of nice puppies. Mom and Dad almost brought home two more puppies, but they decided they were acting crazy.

I tried really hard and begged for them to adopt two more puppies. Dad said he didn't need anymore help making his hair gray.