Friday, January 2, 2015

It looks to be a long, cold winter. 

I hate the winter. It's boring. I don't hike as much.

So, here's with a list of cool things Mom and Dad could do to keep me entertained during the cold, blistery months ahead.

1. Challenge My Schnoz

You guys can make an obstacle course that I have to work through to get to my dinner. Maybe hide my dinner in a box. You could rope off areas by placing those scary gates around the house and make me figure out different paths to get to the food!

2. Take Me to the Dog Park

As long as it's not too cold out, I can still go to the park, right?

3. Go South!

We could take a long weekend and go somewhere warm! St. Lucia? Or maybe the Carolinas!

4. Indoor Exercise Party!

Play monkey in the middle on the staircase! That's safe, right?

5. Let's Go Skijor-ing-ing

Skijoring is an activity where I harness myself to you and your skis and then I take off like a bat out of hell. That's safe, right?

6. Cuddling

This works too. I like snuggling as well.