Monday, October 13, 2014

Mom and Dad took me to one of my favorite fall places; Bear Mountain State Park!

The leaves are beautiful, the lake is inviting (but Dad said I couldn't go swimming), the grass is greener, and the crazy guys in lederhosen were jamming out in the middle of it all.

That's right, Mom and Dad took me to Bear Mountain's annual Oktoberfest!

The place is great, mainly because they allow dogs. 

And there's always a ton of floor candy for me to munch on (leaves, twigs, pretzels, etc...)

Uncle Chris and Aunt Rebecca (the British one, not the artsy one) also stopped by to enjoy a pint or two.

Uncle Chris also took me for a walk. That was way fun. 

I met a couple of other dogs at the Bear Mountain Oktoberfest. I met a Boxer. He was cool. We played together on the beer line.

Someone even said I looked like a "model dog". 

I think I should look into getting an agent. 

Everyone laughed when I pulled Dad off the bench. I was tied to his waist, and when I saw a squirrel, I tried to bolt.

Everyone laughed really hard. Except for Dad. In between laughs, Mom kept saying something about a concussion.