Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Part 3 of Kenzie's series on Lake George.

Mom and Dad took me to the Lake George Kayak Company.

They said I was going to have so much fun. 

They said I was going to wear my favorite life jacket. 

They said I was going to look so cute in a canoe.

They say a lot of things.

I think they do not know what they mean when they say these things.

I was petrified....

They put me on a canoe and away we went. 

I spent most of the time furiously panting. I also spent a lot of time hiding in between Dad's legs.

I couldn't get comfortable.

The worst part was when the Steamboat came really close to us. Dad was yelling to paddle fast. Mom was shrieking. I just closed my eyes and pawed for the best.

The waves were really tough. I think I got seasick at one point. 

The one nice thing about the canoe trip was that the water tasted good. Very fresh.

Mom and Dad were worried that I was going to jump out of the canoe and tip us over. 


I did not want to leave the boat.

When we got back to land, I felt kind of funny and immediately fell when I tried to walk.

Everyone started laughing and kept making jokes about something called "Sea Legs".

The folks at the Lake George Kayak Company were really nice to me. For that I am giving them 5 Bones out of a possible 5 Bones rating.

Dad said I couldn't say anything bad about the Kayak company. He did mention that I could say I didn't like the experience of being stranded in the middle of a Lake, with no discernible escape route. 

But that wasn't the Kayak Company's fault. That was my parent's fault.

They gave me cookies at the Lake George Kayak Company. 

They are cool people.