Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Part 2 of Kenzie's series on Lake George.

Mom and Dad were really awesome about bringing me on vacation with them over the Labor Day Weekend.

They made sure I had plenty of fun things to do while I was there.

Lake George has a beach that was built especially for puppies like me! I had so much fun swimming with Mom and Dad.

The dog beach is unmarked (or it was until I peed on it) so it's a little tricky to find.

Dad said the best way to find it was to look in between the Steamboat company and the beach that had "all people and no dogs". 

I think the best way to find it is look for the beach with dogs. Way easier than Dad's directions.

Mom and Dad bought me a life jacket so that I would feel safe while swimming. The puppy life jacket is awesome! It let me swim way further than I'm used to (I usually only like places where my paws can touch the ground). 

I didn't want to get out of the water! We went to the Dog Beach three times while we were at Lake George. I had so much fun.

Included in my last Bark Box was an awesome yellow water ball! Dad brought that to the beach and we played with it all day.

Thanks Bark Box!

The Lake George Dog Beach was very clean. It's so clean, you could eat right off the sand. 

Which is what Dad had to do when I tried to eat his chicken sandwich.

I give the Lake George Dog Beach 5 Bones out of a possible 5 Bones!