Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Part 1 of Kenzie's series on Lake George.

Mom and Dad took me to Lake George this weekend! It was so much fun! I had so much fun that I can't contain all the fun in just one journal post. So I'm writing a whole frackin series on Lake George!

The best part about Lake George, in my fuzzy little opinion, was the Colonial Court Motel.

This place is the definition of dog friendly!

They let me stay there for free! I would have paid at least 24 treats a night to stay!

The owners of Colonial Court motel, April and Rick, are super super awesome! Their staff consists of Rocky, Lulu, Rufus, and a cleaning puppy named Dexter.

Me and Dexter
Is it weird that the cleaning dog was named Dexter? Maybe.....

I became fast friends with Rocky. I invited him in to our cottage for some dinner. He liked my food. Said he'd never tasted salmon so nice.

After Mom and Dad removed Rocky from the cottage (booo, hiss) they let me run around with the pups for hours! The Colonial Court motel is fenced in, so I can be off leash as long as I was well behaved!

Rocky coming over for dinner.
They even let me use their pool. I was feeling a little bloated and couldn't fit into my swimming trunks, so I just hung out an watched as Mom swam.

I also met two very nice Dobermans who were staying across the way. Elvis liked to play ball with me.

I had so much fun running around with Dexter when he came over. He let me into the back office where we shared a couple of treats until we got kicked out by the cats....

Mom and Dad said they really liked the place and that we were definitely going back again. 

Hopefully this weekend. I didn't unpack my suitcase, just in case.

I give the Colonial Court Motel 5 Bones out of a possible 5 Bones! I love this place!!!