Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Part 4 of Kenzie's series on Lake George.

After a long day of canoeing and swimming at the dog beach, Mom and Dad decided they were hungry.

I am always hungry. I couldn't imagine a time where I didn't want to eat something.

Mom found a restaurant that allowed me to hang out; Christie's on the Lake.

The restaurant advertisement said they allowed dogs, but Mom and Dad were a little skeptical. I'd never eaten at a restaurant before, so they were a little worried that I would "lose my flippin mind" when presented with an opportunity to eat lots and lots of food.

I promised them that I would behave.

I did. For the most part.

Dad got cheeseburger sliders and Mom ordered pizza thingies. They both looked and smelled really good.

Dad gave me a doggie treat instead.

The waitress was really nice. She offered me a bowl of water, but I already had my own (I don't drink swill tap water, mine comes out of a bottle).

Mom and Dad said they liked having me at a restaurant with them. They were proud of me for behaving so well (silly them, I just slept the whole time).