Monday, August 25, 2014

These days, it seems like the internet is made up of lists. 

So, for all of my faithful followers, I've decided to make a list of things that are furry good.

Get it? Furry good = very good?


Favorite food - Salmon

Favorite Charity - North Shore Animal League (that's where I'm from).

Favorite Animal - Bunny (I want one soooo bad....)

Favorite treat - peanut butter

Favorite toy - tennis ball

Favorite Spot to Sleep - On Mom or Dad's head.

Favorite Musician - Snoop Dog

Favorite Movie - "Benji". The Air Bud series is trash.

Favorite Place - Petsmart or Ramapo Reservation.

Favorite Mom - Mom

Favorite Dad - tie between Dad and Mr. Huxtable

Favorite Website - BarkBox. They have some really cool stories and videos about dogs. I read their website whenever I'm going to the bathroom. Like Dad does, with his newspaper...

Favorite Song - Who Let the Do.... JUST KIDDING! I like anything by the Beatles. 

Favorite Curse Word - "OFF THE TABLE" I love hearing this curse word. It usually means I've stumbled into something tasty.

Favorite Command - "On your bed". That means I'm getting a peanut butter bone.