Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mom and Dad took me on another adventure this weekend! Today, we hopped into the truck and visited Stone Barns, a farm located in Pocantico Hills, NY.

After sitting in traffic for what felt like FOREVER, we finally arrived at our destination.

Dad drove up to pay for parking and double checked to make sure I was allowed on the farm. The nice lady said "Yes" so I decided I didn't need to growl at her.

The "Yes" came with an asterisk, as I would soon find out.

Puppies aren't allowed in the restaurant or shops (that's fine, because they didn't have anything salmon related) Puppies are allowed on the trails as long as the trails don't lead to an area that has animals. They said I might scare the animals. That's crazy, because that milk machine thingy is like 10 times bigger than I am. 

The whole farm smelled like one of my leather chew toys, so I was really excited to go exploring. 

The farm had sheeps and ducks, which Mom said produce the stuff I like to rip out of all the pillows and bed spread. The sheeps made a weird noise when they saw me, so I peed on their grass to make sure they knew I meant business. 

Then we walked along another path and saw a couple of milk machines, or as Dad kept calling them "Cows". They were huge and they smelled really funny! 

We walked passed another barn that had two really big puppies guarding the entrance. They must have an awesome life. No leash, no collar, no rules! They just roam around the farm all day and make my Dad utter the phrase "I need to change my underpants".

The trails that lead off the farm are pretty fun too. They connect to the Rockefeller Preserve system, which Mom said I've been on before.

All in all, I give the Stone Barns 4 Bones out of 5 Bones. (Minus one point for the fact that I couldn't play with the sheeps, pigs, milk machines, and chickens.)