Sunday, April 27, 2014

Dad and I played the worst game of hide and seek this week. It sucked. It took me four days to find him.

It first started when Dad left the house (as he normally does every morning). He didn't get into the truck; he got into a tiny car driven by someone who resembles a skinny Santa Clause. I only assumed he was trying to throw me off. I love a good challenge and this game of hide and seek was off to a great start....
Mom and I looking for Dad....No beans...
Next, when Mom got home, we went to the Me Park. I looked for him everywhere. He wasn't under the benches, he wasn't inside the tennis balls, and he probably wasn't hiding in the woods. (Dad's not the biggest fan of nature).

We got back home and I went nuts looking for Dad. I checked the man cave and all of his offices (he wasn't in any of them). I checked my bedroom, but got distracted by a roll of toilet paper, so I called off the search for the day.

Dad was winning this epic game of hide and seek.

I slept on Dad's side of the bed figuring if he tried to sneak into the bed, I would find him and win the game.

No beans.

The next day was more of the same. Woke up, searched all of Dad's offices, ate breakfast, chased a bird. Since birds act as spies for the neighborhood cats, they might know something about Dad's hiding spot. They didn't.

So another day of searching led to another day of disappointment. I even tried to cry in front of Mom. She's usually a sucker for me crying. Thought she might feel bad and give up Dad's hiding spot.

Still, no beans.

We spent the next two days at the park. I started a slow decent into madness, not knowing where Dad was. We've played hide and sneak before, but I didn't think he was this good.

Finally, late one afternoon, I saw Dad get out of that same small little car. Then it hit me...I should have been looking for that little car. Dad was hiding in it the who frackin time!

I was happy to see Dad. Mom took a photo. Dad won this round of hide and sneak. It was the worst game we ever played.

I hate losing....